From Phoenix to Santa Fe

Phoenix to Santa Fe

We had a long travel day from Phoenix to Santa Fe. It started early in the morning with a big breakfast, the normal things until we unplug the power. The cord is melted. It was already a 6-hour drive and now we had to stop at camping world too.

So the first two hours go by pretty fast. After about 2 hours it’s time for the first stop. We get out and have to walk the dogs. They pee and poop, so we just walk them around the camper while we wait for Mom to get snacks out of the camper. When we have snacks, we all get back in the car and keep going.

The next hour Violet starts being a pain. She climbs on you, stands up in the center console, whines constantly, and it’s really annoying. If you have two dogs you know how one causes a ruckus then the other follows along? Yeah. Molly did it too.

So I said earlier that we had to stop at camping world because the cord melted. We pull up into the camping world parking lot and once again walk the dogs. The parents go into Camping World. They come out with the power cord and we’re off.

The last hour is pretty good. But then we get to the campground. The sites are tiny, and mom isn’t really in the mood for a small campsite. We try to look for another site, but they’re all as bad. We settle on one site, and it’s not good to get in to. They have quite a bit of experience and make it work. We have great views of the mountains and we are close to the city. I think we will be fine here for two weeks.

Well, that wraps up this post! I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll see you in the next post!

Painted Desert Photo Contest

We did it again…

We arrived in Holbrook, AZ today and had time to run up to the Painted Desert for sunset. Of course that means pictures, and in our family that means a photo contest from the Painted Desert. We are trying a new plugin for these, so please choose your favorite from below and let’s see how this goes!

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Snapper’s Passing and New Fish

Snapper died recently, although you probably gathered that from the title of this post. We found him in his tank a few days ago. We buried him under a bush in a campground in Arizona. My brother even made a little gravestone with a sticky  note and a rock. After a couple days, we started to talk about how when we move into a house, we would probably have several bettas around said house. That put a new fish in my head. 

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Pros and Cons of Living in the Desert of Middle-Of-Nowhere, California

After living in the desert for 6 weeks I’m pretty sure that qualifies me for doing a pros and cons list. Also, I can assure you, this was the middle of nowhere. Thirty minutes to the closest grocery, burro crossing signs, and a boulder painted to look like an alien about five minutes away from the campground.

The flowers are pretty. We are currently in superbloom season and the flowers have started to bloom. My personal favorite is the poppy. I think it is a California poppy. I may be wrong.

Death Valley

Death Valley

When you go to Death Valley, you expect it to be hot. Really hot. 132 degrees Fahrenheit. What you don’t expect is a reasonable temperature and really pretty pictures.

What you do expect that’s here, is tourism and literally nothing else. The only hotel that took dogs we could find was a Motel 6, where we had to stay overnight. It was certainly not good, but it wasn’t the worst thing ever. We then drove around death valley all day, attempting to see as many popular things as possible. We saw the lowest point, salt rocks area, the artists’ palette, and some other things.

My dad and I went out to Badwater Basin, which is the lowest point in North America. We didn’t realize that the lowest point was actually just a few feet from the parking lot, and instead walked probably a mile to what we thought was the lowest point. It was so windy that someone’s hat flew off their head and I ran probably half a mile to go get it. There was a sign above the parking lot that was probably 275-300 feet up and it said “SEA LEVEL “. That was probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Imagine seeing a sign that says sea level, but its 300 feet above you.

The Artists’ Palette was simply incredible. There were greens and blues and purples and pinks and yellows and oranges… Basically, any color you can imagine was there. There was a 1 lane road that you could drive, and there were no other options. If you wanted to go back, you had to use another road. If you go to Death Valley, make sure you go here.

If you manage to make your way to death valley, those are some have-to-dos. The Badwater Basin is now completely submerged in water. Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for today so I’ll se you next time!

Moving back to Orlando

Well, the time has come. Back to Orlando we go. My dad’s office is there, my sister’s best friend lives there, Disney, and of course their zoo. There are so many monkeys at this zoo!

It all started when I saw a really sad monkey ad, and when I saw this monkey I knew I had to have him. We moved back into the house about a week ago, and we’ve now bought a monkey cage, water and food bowls, and climbing ropes. Here’s a picture of this adorable monkey.

I’m now taking an online lesson about how to train, adopt, and take care of monkeys. This is probably the most important thing I’ve ever done.

So, goodbye to everyone. I am now one with this monkey. I guess I’ll see you in the next post, maybe.

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