Robins at 370 Lakeside

At the 370 Lakeside RV campground that we are parked at, we found two robin nests. I think that these two nests might be their first nests ever because of the strange places they decided to put them.

My brother and I have named both birds and hope that the eggs hatch before we leave. The first robin that we found, we named Mama Bird, and for some reason, laid her eggs in a small hole in the mulch under a tree. No nest, Just on the ground in the mulch. The second one we found had an actual nest, and was placed on a fence by the dumpsters. I can’t imagine that all of the racket and stress from people dumping their trash would be good for the babies, but this bird, that we named Alice, built a whole nest which must have taken time, so she knew there was noise.

Here are pictures of the birds,

Alice’s nest:

Mama Bird’s nest:

From Mama Bird’s picture you can see that one of her eggs is out in the open. There is another one out on the other side. I looked this up and saw that some birds will abandon eggs that they think will be weak chicks and keep the ones that they think will be stronger. I think this might be what Mama Bird is doing, but as her nest is on the ground, they were just moved away instead of falling out of the nest.

The two in the hole are the ones that she’s sitting on.

Alice had four eggs when we noticed her nest, but now she only has one. That is the picture at the top. We don’t know what happened to the other eggs, but we think that it could be raccoons, attracted by the trash, then eating the eggs. Nothing in the nest looks disturbed, but there is still only one.

The pictures are blurry because we did not want to get too close to the birds and scare them. They watch you very closely while you look at them. They don’t move at all. It’s a little funny to watch them try not to move to avoid being seen.

If the eggs hatch before we leave, I will update this post with a picture of the babies. I think it’s time for the #randomfactofthepost now.

Female King Cobras are the only snakes in the entire world that build nests.  The snakes are around 13 feet long at adulthood.


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