Top 5 Attractions in the U.S. (That We’ve Been)

Okay, here are the top 5 attractions (theme parks, that kind of stuff) that we’ve been to in the U.S. The reason Disney isn’t on the top here is because we grew up going there ALL THE TIME and we got kind of bored of it.

  1. Legoland. The roller coasters are AWESOME!
  2. Universal. Once again, it’s just those roller coasters. I can’t live without them.
  3. City Museum. Okay, there’s just too much to talk about this place. You’re going to have to go here for this one.
  4. Tybee Island Beach. Once again, too much to talk about. go here, here, and here to find out more about Tybee.
  5. Disney. Theres tons here, but I’ve seen it a lot, so it’s #5 on my list.

Okay, that’s all for today, but before I go I want to tell you that I may be doing a blog post for every state that we’ve been and the highlights of that state. Alright, now I’m done. Bye!


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