The Church Family Summer Contest!

Our family has been really bad about getting out and exercising so Mom came up with a challenge for us to motivate us to walk.

How it works

The rules sound a bit strange, but I will try to explain as well as I can. Aaron and I need to double the first five laps that our parents walk, then match the rest of the laps that they walked that day. Let’s say that mom walked 6 laps one day. Aaron and I would have to walk 11 laps in the same day to get a hole punched in our punch cards(see at the top). If one parent completes less laps than the other, we can choose to double and match the parent that did less, and still get a hole punch. When we get 10 punches in our cards, we get a no school day coupon.

What we get

A no school day simply stops us from having to do any school work for the rest of the day. We get a few from birthday coupon books, but this challenge will let us have up to 26 no school days a year. We could work for 10 weeks and get an entire week off if we wanted to (that’s what I’m doing). The limit for how many no school days we can use in a row is 5.

It has been a while since it started and we were really good about it in the beginning, but we started to loose track of it and we still only have five punches. The campground that we are at now, in Duluth, Minnesota, has a figure 8 shaped loop that is easy to walk. The weather is also wonderful, with an average high of 74 degrees in July. That makes it much easier to make myself walk.

This is super fun and was a great idea on Mom’s part, but it’s time for the #randomfactofthepost.
Ice cream sundaes were invented when selling ice cream floats on Sunday became illegal in a town called Evanston during the late 19th century. The sellers replaced the soda with syrup and called it an “Ice Cream Sunday”.

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