A Fun time in Sioux Falls

While we were in Sioux Falls, SD, we were at a Yogi Bear Jellystone. If you don’t know what that is, check this out. So these parks are very high quality and usually are the best we go to. This one does not differ. It has a HUGE pool, a jump pillow, big parks, decent sites, a corn maze, and, best for last, a place to get slushies. No joke. It’s 9 dollars to buy a cup and your first fill, then every refill is 2 dollars. Expensive, but worth it. They have cherry flavor,  blue raspberry, and lemonade. I like the cherry the best but Stephanie likes the lemonade.

I liked Sioux Falls, but I think we’ve been to much better places. The people weren’t very nice, if you said “Hi!” they would just stare at you, frowning. In the grocery, no one said excuse me, or even looked at me. At least everything else was decent. Stephanie and i spent most of our time here going to the bounce pillow. It was possibly the best part of this whole campground. It was really fun because it was a little more deflated then usual, so I could sit near the edge of it and Stephanie would jump on the other side, sending me 1-4 feet in the air. That was incredible. At one point there were so many people on it I thought it was going to pop or something. At that point I couldn’t even sit down.

There was also a corn maze where you had to find a total of 8 clues. The odd numbered clues had points on the map they gave you so you could know what general direction you had to go. The even numbered ones you had to find by yourself. We went boys versus girls. US (the boys) missed only one question and the girls missed 2. Here’s a birds’ eye view of the corn maze:


Another cool thing about Sioux Falls was EROS. if you’re thinking, “Isn’t that an asteroid near mars?” It is, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about this. This EROS is a government agency for collecting data on things such as wildfires, or some kind of beetle that I can’t remember, all using a satellite called Landsat. Landsat was made my EROS and NASA and you can view live footage from it here. I really like this page, and as I’m typing this, Landsat 7 is going over London. Kinda cool. They also have a really big computer room, which sends more output to the internet than Google does. They also store more data in their room than Google, Microsoft, and Apple combined. INSANE!!

That’s all I have for today, see ya next time and bye!


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