All Of The Pets We Had In The House

These are all of the animals we had before moving into the camper. We’ve had dogs, cats, chickens, fish and hamsters. These animals are just the ones I can remember, so I might be leaving some out. Now that that is out of the way, let’s get to the pets!

I have had dogs my whole life. I don’t remember some of them but I have always been surrounded by those big, brown, snoring things called boxers. Molly was the first dog that was not a boxer and because of the camper, we had to go smaller. I can’t imagine having two big boxers running around our tiny house!

Kaycee is the first dog I remember having. My parents had two other dogs when I was small, but I don’t remember them. Kaycee was a super sweet dog. She was very tolerant of children and other animals. She was a boxer. She snored like a grown man and was not allowed to sleep in the bedrooms. In 2013, we found out that she had a tumor behind her tongue. The only way doctors could get rid of it was to take out the whole tongue. She would either have to eat through a feeding tube for the rest of her life or we would have to put her down. There was absolutely nothing that she loved more than eating. To take that away from her would have been selfish. 

When my mom got married to my dad, she had two cats. He is allergic to cats but we couldn’t let them go. Unfortunately, that also means we can’t get any more.

Tori died when I was young so I don’t remember much of her. I do remember that she was gray and had a short temper. We don’t have any pictures of her either.

Twinkles was a very good cat. She loved to be pet, was very patient with me and Aaron when it came to being pet and had a fine time smacking the dogs from the corner of the bed. Sometimes Kaycee would run into the master bedroom while playing with Molly and Twinkles would sit right on the corner and wait until Kaycee ran by. Then, she would wind up her paw and strike! She did not have claws on her front paws, so she did not scratch.


When I was younger, my family and I went into a pet store. We were just looking. We came home with a fish, a glass vase, gravel and a little Budda. My mother says that I didn’t like seeing the fish in the little plastic bins that the store sells them in and that is why we got one.

Azul is the only betta that I had in the house. He was blue and since I already had a pet named Blue (the chicken) I named him blue in Spanish. 

My mother wanted chickens because she wanted to have the fresh, organic eggs every morning. We went to a chick farm that had all kinds of breeds and bought four.

Blue was the best chicken anyone could ask for. She was the sweetest little thing. She was a Dutch Bantam and would fly up to you and sit on your shoulder. She laid tiny, slightly blue eggs. She was by far my favorite, making her the top of the chicken hierarchy.


Dot was a skittish chicken. She did not like to be held and would look at you suspiciously when you had food. She was completely black and had curly feathers that went all the way to her feet. She was a frizzle. These are the first chicks when we bought them. The small black one is Dot, the one next to Dot is Blue, the large yellow one is Cruiser and the red one is Chili.

We think Chili was a rooster, but we could not tell. Sometimes he would sound like he was trying to crow like a rooster, but he was so low in the chicken hierarchy that he was always pecked at when he tried. 

Cruiser was one of our original four. The first four were Blue, Dot, Cruiser and Chili. She was the first chicken that died. She had a problem and could not stand up. She was also very low in the chicken hierarchy, like Chili. This is Cruiser, Sprinkle and Dot.

Sprinkle was my second favorite chicken (next to Blue.). She was a huge black chicken and laid gigantic green eggs. Sometimes, her eggs came out wrinkled. One time, she laid an egg that was a little bigger than normal, and when we cracked it open, it had another egg instead of a yolk. The middle egg was completely normal.

These two chickens never left each other’s sides. They came from the same hatchery, and stayed together until we had to get rid of them. They were not skittish, but did not like to be held. We could never find names that fit them, so we just called them the Twins.

These are their eggs. The large, green ones belong to Sprinkle, the tiny ones belong to Blue, and the normal looking ones belong to Cruiser, the Twins and The other chickens we had at the time.

For my mother’s birthday in 2012, my dad decided to get her pet hamsters. We originally just wanted one, but my mom didn’t want to separate three of the siblings we had been looking at, so we got all of them.

We bought three hamsters for my Mother’s birthday in 2012.  They are the three listed here. My favorite was Pigpen. When we first got them, we put them all in one cage. Within weeks, we figured out that that was a bad idea. One morning, I found Pigpen laying by one of the tubes in the cage with blood on his face. On further examination, one of the others had bitten his nose and his ear. Both were bleeding. We separated them and put some neosporin on Pigpen’s face. For some reason Pigpen became very gentle. The only time he ever bit someone was when he wanted to go back to the cage and he was very gentle about it.

I’m not even sure how to spell his name. I was an 8 year old that liked Barbie movies. In a Christmas Barbie movie, a character had a cat named Chuzzlewit and I loved it. So I named my hamster after a fake cat. He was a good hamster and rarely bit. He was extremely large. He was about 6 inches tall when he stood on his hind legs and was not exactly skinny. He was as chubby as he was tall. He could jump about 11 inches high and no hamster ball could contain him. He died doing what he loved: sleeping.

Imagine the smallest, fluffiest, most adorable thing possible. Now make it evil. Now put a demon in it. That was Snowball. She was named for the pattern on her back which was a white circle. She always bit, hated being pet, and was downright awful. On a good day, she would sit in the corner of the cage and glare at everything that moved. We think that she is the one that injured Pigpen when they were little. She lived for about three and a half years. That is extremely long for a hamster. She was one of those pets that you just look at. She barely let you do that. She spent most of her life sleeping in her corner and died that way.

Well, those were all of the pets we had before moving into the camper! If i had to choose favorites, they would be Pigpen, Blue and Twinkles. Now it is time for the #randomfactofthepost!!

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