Our trip to Hawaii

If you didn’t know, we recently went on a trip to Hawaii. We stayed in Honolulu, then moved to Maui. We just got back a couple of weeks ago. Here are some of the things that happened while we were there.

We started off in Honolulu, which is the biggest city in Hawaii. The airport there was decorated amazingly and was fairly easy to find your way around. We stayed at the Moana Surfrider hotel, which I loved. We spent a few nights going down to the beach swimming. After those few days, we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center and attended a luau. If you don’t know what a luau is, it’s a feast with people who do things including hula dancing and fire baton twirling. We also went on a tour and saw the U.S.S Arizona, and learned that you say Hawaii with a “v” sound instead of a “w”. They also don’t have shaved ice, they have shave ice. What’s the difference? It’s sweeter, much larger, and spelled differently, that’s about it.

We then headed over to Maui, and it was better than Honolulu for me. The airport was entirely open, basically no roof. At the Hyatt Regency Hotel, they had a really big pool with a bar and 150-foot waterslide inside of it. They had birds all over the atrium, named Luna, Shrek, and Madison. They had breakfast which was AMAZING and had donuts. We got to see whales off our balcony and even went on a whale watching tour. One of the whales got 30 feet away from the boat, then splashed its tail. I got to put a microphone under the water to listen to the whales. It sounded like 50 people groaning at the same time. Best of all, there were penguins. No typo, there were penguins. Here’s a picture for you.

They were so cute! We got to watch a penguin feeding, and they’re even more adorable when they swim. This is the reason I want to go back to Maui.

I personally think the luau at the Hyatt hotel was significantly better than at the cultural center, because of the way it was run. Also the food.
I’m just gonna say, if you make to this luau, TRY THE RICE. It’s by far the best thing there (my opinion) but fills you up so quickly. The person who was up on the stage area said: “Fill yourself up with food until you can’t walk anymore!” And I took that literally. I could barely move. Worth it though!

In Honolulu, there was also a restaurant called “Duke’s”. They had a buffet, a menu, great service, fantastic food, and it was all in the open. Probably the best food I had in Hawaii was their shredded chicken. That. Was. Amazing. I have no more words.

Anyways, that’s everything for today. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’m going to try to get some more out. See ya next time!


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