Snapper’s Passing and New Fish

Snapper died recently, although you probably gathered that from the title of this post. We found him in his tank a few days ago. We buried him under a bush in a campground in Arizona. My brother even made a little gravestone with a sticky  note and a rock. After a couple days, we started to talk about how when we move into a house, we would probably have several bettas around said house. That put a new fish in my head. 

The day after (the day I’m writing this), we went to Walmart to get a couple things and stopped at the fish section. This was a smaller Walmart so there were no fish, just accessories. On our way out, Mom saw me eyeing the PetCo next to the Walmart. She drove around a little before parking again and getting out. “Just looking” she said. Yeah sure, Mom.

So we go in, and immediately go to the fish section. I didn’t even look at the hamsters first. There’s a good selection so Aaron and I both pick two we like to narrow down the decisions. I’m stuck between a female I like and two males that are very pretty. I end up picking the female and a bumblebee male. My brother picks a really pretty delta tail that almost glitters, and a black oyster I believe. I’m stuck again because neither of us like the other person’s bettas more than the ones we picked. I walk around a little, looking at toads and lizards and chameleons, when Mom walks up to me and asks if I have two tanks. I recently bought a cheap one at a thrift store, hoping to upgrade Snapper’s tank. Then she asks if I have enough stones for the bottom of the two tanks. I say yes again because, again, I was hoping to upgrade Snapper’s gravel. She nods and then says to get two. 

Half an hour later, we are setting up tanks for our two new betta fish, Aurum and Toothless.


The names weren’t hard to come up with. I mentioned that Aaron’s betta, the delta tail, looked like a dragon because he looks like he had scales. The name Toothless comes from the movie “How To Train Your Dragon”. Aurum’s name is Latin for gold. You can probably guess, but he is a very golden bumblebee betta. 

Also, we just bought these fish today and haven’t told my dad yet. He had to travel for work and won’t be back for a while. So, Surprise! Heh. Don’t kill me please

From what I’ve seen about Aurum, he’s a narcissist. He likes to flex his fins and stare at his reflection. I still love him. He’s precious.  Also, pictures don’t do him justice. He glows in the sunlight.


That’s all, and I should probably write farewell notes to all of my friends and family before my father gets back here and kills us. Time for the #randomfactofthepost!

Istanbul is not only the largest city in Turkey, but it also crosses into another continent. Istanbul is part of both Europe and Asia. 


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