Florida Heat vs. Arizona Heat

In Arizona, you get dry heat. In Florida, you get constant humidity that you can’t get rid of. Which one’s better in my opinion? Find out here.

In Florida, you get thunderstorms every other day. In Arizona you get none. Honestly, the whole Sonoran Desert area basically never gets a rainstorm. I’ve started to miss them. I think Florida definitely wins this one.

There’s a lot of covered parking in Arizona. I quite like it, because the sun is so hot you can cover the car so it’s not 12 billion degrees when you get back to your car. Florida has the occasionally covered parking but it’s mostly Walmart-style parking lots. Arizona wins this one.

Florida has so much rain that you never really need to water your plants or garden if you have one. In Arizona, we don’t get a rainstorm for sometimes years on end, so it’s a lot more filling up the watering can. One point to Florida!

It’s so humid in Florida that you can’t get away from the heat. There’s probably less than a 5-degree difference from the sun and the shade. Arizona, you can go under a balcony and cool of 30 degrees. Congrats Arizona, you win again.

Arizona gets upwards of 115 degrees every single summer. If you don’t know, that’s not good. Florida gets to 100 sometimes, but not every summer. Yet again, Florida wins.

Every once in a blue moon, the rain somehow finds its way to Arizona. I don’t know how it gets so lost. It’s like trying to get to France and ending up in Zimbabwe. When it does there are washes. Everywhere. A wash is basically a small river-like area designed to transport rainwater. Florida rain gets soaked straight into the ground. Florida wins this point.

And Florida wins the competition with 4 out of 6 points! I’d like to say it was close, but it really wasn’t.

Oh hey, I posted twice in like 2 hours! Well, that’s all for today. I’ll see you in the next post, and bye! Oh, comment if you like the new style of thumbnails for my posts. Alright, I’m done now.

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