New Mexico Capitol Building

The New Mexico Capitol building was pretty neat. Mom and I are going to be Co-oping this post, so thanks, Mom!

This is probably my favorite capitol building I’ve ever been to. The rotunda was in the center with a kind of rings around it. The symbol is from the Zia people. The Zia are an indigenous tribe from New Mexico and are known for pottery and their use of the sun symbol. The Senate Gallery was on the west and the House Gallery on the east. And there was art EVERYWHERE. The first floor, the second floor, a big gallery in the center and probably more. It was awesome.

The museum never gets rid of their art. Once it’s on display, it stays there. There happened to be a quilt display when we were there. One of the artists that had two submissions was there to tell her about her art.

There was also no dome visible from the outside. The rotunda was all on the inside. This is interesting because it means the roof of the building is above the rotunda. There are also a few statues outside the building, one of which you can see in the thumbnail.

Alright, that just about rounds things up for this post, but before you click back, I’m going to be trying to add a poll to a lot of my posts so you can say, maybe what your favorite topic is so I can try to post that next. Alright, choose your favorite capitol building out of these 4 images.

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Edit: Oh wow, I just realized that this post says to choose your favorite capitol building, but it’s not the right poll. That’s what happens when you start something one day and finish it another! Sorry about that.


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