Meow Wolf

Alright, so I’m back with the only place that pretends to be an art museum but really isn’t, it’s Meow Wolf Santa Fe. You ever wanted to resurrect a dead hamster? Ever wanted to travel over 1 billion miles in less than a second? Then Meow Wolf is the place to go. I’d better do some explaining.

Meow Wolf is a place that says it’s an art museum, and sometimes says it’s a gateway between multiple parts of the multiverse. I still don’t know which it is. There’s certainly an art and you’ll learn a bit by going there, but it’s no art gallery. The objective of the whole place is to figure out what happened to a family that went missing. Throughout this post, I’m going to try to explain things without giving too many spoilers. If you’re already planning to go here soon, just don’t read the rest of this post because I just can’t help myself. Okay yeah, I completely lied about the no spoilers part.

You start off by going to the family’s mailbox and reading their mail. I’m not gonna say exactly what it says, but it tells you to go into the kitchen. Once you’re at the kitchen you can climb through the fridge to get to this family’s Portals Bermuda station. Portals Bermuda is a station where you can climb through “portals” to get to different parts of the multiverse. It’s a really neat setup that kind of makes you think you’re actually climbing through a portal to a different place.

Once you get through a portal, you get to see a whole place that’s all grass. There’s a treehouse, an arcade, and tons more. There’s also a pathway to get to the place called “Shantytown”. This is all a really wonky place that honestly looks like Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium to me. There’s an ice machine on one person’s porch, which of course you can climb through to get into a place that uses the infinite mirror trick all around you. There are some knobs you can twist and turn to change the color and effect of the light strips in the corners of the mirrors. It’s awesome.

Back inside the house, there’s a study room that has a note basically implying that one of the two kids is in between worlds and can’t get out. If you walk beside the dining room table, it’ll make a rattling noise. Upstairs the parents’ alarm clock flashes from 7:06 to 7:07 and then gibberish before back to 7:06. In the kid’s bedroom, there’s a closet you can climb through to get into a room with the skeleton of a mammoth, or some large animal. It’s all very hard to take in.

But if you don’t want to figure out what happened to this family, there’s also another storyline! You can figure out what happened to the family’s hamster. In a lot of places inside the house and in the multiverse there’s a little shadow of a hamster. It’s really neat because it seems like the hamster is hiding but appears in different places while you walk around.

There are 5 kiosks scattered around the multiverse area, and they tell you about the charter and the anomaly. Basically, the “shadow people” were living in “perfection” until the Anomaly formed and created the multiverse. Then the shadow people and the Anomaly made an agreement that the Anomaly could create, and the shadow people could live in as close to their perfection as possible. The whole agreement formed the shadow people into the charter.

There were also a lot of lights and buttons, sounds and art, everywhere. There isn’t a space that doesn’t have something to do. I’d recommend Meow Wolf to people of all ages. It’d be great for families, kids, school groups, everything. Meow Wolf is a funhouse. Or an escape room. Or a not-so-scary haunted house. It’s insane how many ways you can describe Meow Wolf without really describing it.

Alright, that’s about it for today. Hope you enjoyed this post, and I just wanted to add one last thing that couldn’t fit in its own paragraph. You can buy an “Anomaly Tracker” app for 5 dollars, and it lets you take Meow Wolf with you back home. Just wanted to add that. Okay, now time for today’s poll.

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