Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf is best described as the combination of an escape room and the City Museum in St Louis were combined. No explanation does it justice. It is easily the coolest thing I have seen in the last year. WARNING: SPOILERS

The funny thing about this place, many people come here but very few people know what it even is. Meow Wolf is an interactive story where you have to find clues to continue the story. If you are not interested in the story, the park is still tons of fun to wander and play in. When you go into Meow Wolf, they give you nothing to start on. Unless you ask. The man at the counter told us to start by reading the mail in the mailbox. That’s it. The only hint to get you going. 

When you enter the room where the story begins, you see a house. The mail tells you that a family has gone missing and this is the house they lived in. The house is currently quarantined because many multiverses are clinging to it and the house is starting to show signs of strange things happening. By the way, there is a lot of reading material. It really is necessary because it explains so much. After the mail, it leads you on a hunt for clues on what happened to this family. The whole house is off. There is a machine on the table that makes the lights go out and it rattles loudly for a few seconds, a large ripple in the roof, a hamster in the clock that ticks backward, and may other things. In the dining room, there is a video camera on a loop showing the mother of this family leaving through a portal in the fridge. Yes, the fridge opens, and yes, you can go through it. That is just one of the many ways to enter the multiverses around the house. Behind a bush out front there is a rainbow forest with fish swimming through the air. If you go through the fireplace, you end up in a cave-like place with a mammoth skeleton who’s ribs acts like a xylophone. A few closets and a cupboard under the stairs are other ways into the verses. 

Washer Portal

The prequel of the main story about the family is basically about how everything was created. It is told from the perspective of a Shadow person, a humanoid creature that craves peace and order and calm. The Anomaly was created shortly after and began to disrupt the calm nothingness that came before her with her creations. The Shadows were terrified of the shapeless ideas of the Anomaly, so they told the Anomaly they would let her create, but she had to let them guide her creations to have shapes and be peaceful and quiet. That way the Anomaly was able to create, and the Shadow people were able to have the calm. She agreed to this offer but pushed limits, making things creative or aggressive to upset the Shadows. These were humans. Instead of destroying the planet, the Shadows decided to control these humans without their even knowing it. They created the Charter, a group that influenced our leaders and created and nightmares and other things to stop us from using our full creative potential. The Anomaly was slowly dying. As she created, she lost pieces of herself. She knew she was dying, so she sent a piece of herself to the planet earth. We think that the family is part of this piece, but we did not get to finish the story so we don’t know for sure.

Candy Room

There are no maps so if you are directionally challenged like I am, you just kind of wander around until you find the place you are looking for. Thankfully, there is a kind of midsection called Portals Bermuda that is like a set of five portals that take you to different places. There is a hologram in the beginning of PB that tells you which portal to go to depending on which place you want to go.

A Room in Portals Bermuda

Outside of Meow Wolf, there is a robot statue. The story of this statue is interesting so I though I would put it in here. This statue is supposed to represent a robot made by the Shadow people to capture humans. They wanted the robot to think like humans, so they found a soul to put in it. This soul was an old homeless woman. They chose her so that no one would notice her absence. After the soul’s binding was done, they tested the robot but all she would do was pick wild flowers. Even when a human was tied up right in front of her, she would pay no attention.

Colored Block Wall

We think we have an idea about what happened to the family but we aren’t really sure because we weren’t there long enough to finish the story. I’m not going to tell you what we think and know because we were pretty far along and I don’t want to give spoilers. That’s all for this post though so it’s #randomfactofthepost now. 

Alaska is over twice the size of Texas in land mass at 586,412 square miles. 


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