We finally made it.

If you’ve been looking at our “Where We’ve Been” page, you’ll know we’ve been all around Colorado but never to it. Last week, that changed. We’ve gone to Colorado, finally.

Now, this is going to be a short post, sorry. But this is just to update you on our travel plans for the next few months.

We arrived in Colorado from Santa Fe about a week ago. We’ve since moved to Colorado Springs, where we are now. We are planning on going to Missouri for the next week, then Columbus for 3 months. We plan on then going to Virginia for my aunt’s wedding, then over to Tybee, GA. Hopefully, it’s a true Buckeye football game season for us and we get to see a game or two in person. I’d be happy if we just never left Columbus.

I’m starting to think that Colorado is the second best state. Why? Because we got snow in May. And it’s also the first state where we had snow that’s actually supposed to have snow. This is great.

Alright, sorry about that short post. That’s all I’ve got for today, so thanks for stopping by and check out the next post where grandma gets here. I’ve been having issues with polls so while I try to get that resolved there’s going to be no polls, sorry.


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