Back to Ohio

Alright, I’m back with the only place where the TV is always just slightly glitchy no matter what you do, it’s Ohio. Yeah, we’re back. This is gonna be another small post, but it’s just to update you guys on where we’re actually going because we actually know now.

We’ve decided to stay in Ohio for 3 months. Once we leave, we’re headed down to Tybee Island, Georgia where we’re going to stay for a while. Then up to Virginia for my aunt’s wedding, then back to Ohio. Don’t really know anything else, but I hope you enjoyed this post, now it’s time for today’s poll.

[Total_Soft_Poll id=”3″]

Hope you enjoyed this really short post, and I’m going to do a longer post next time. And yes, I reused this poll because I barely got any answers last time. So please vote and see you next time!


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