Veterinary Care on the Road.

It’s 2017 and time for vaccines for the dogs. We spent a couple weeks at Thousand Trails Medina Lake where there are more deer than people. This also means yummy snacks (deer poop) left behind as treats for the pups. Disgusting? Absolutely! But it was a battle that we didn’t win. I needed a refill for worming meds for the dogs…just in case! This required an annual vet visit.

I gathered paperwork from our vet’s office in Florida, printed it all out and called the nearest vet. We were able to get an appointment that same week. The kids and I took the dogs in, the vet checked them both out (the dogs, not the kids) and sent us on our way with heart worm prevention, flea and tick prevention and a strong suggestion to have two of Violet’s teeth pulled.  She had a slab fracture in each tooth and one even had a root exposed. They had to come out soon.

We typically don’t stay at a campground for more than two weeks. Getting Violet in for a minor surgery wasn’t possible as there were no available appointments during our stay in Lake Medina.

Our next stop was in Austin. Surely I could find a vet hospital there. I called on a Monday, had a surgery consultation on Tuesday and the surgery was completed on Wednesday. I made sure to schedule the dental surgery as early in our stay as possible in case there were any complications. There were no problems…the vet office we used was fantastic!

My recommendation for traveling with pets is to keep good records. You may even want to consider keeping written records in case a campground wants to verify an up to date rabies vaccine. Also, set reminders in your calendar to remind you of vaccine due dates, medication refills and annual visits.

We love our pets and can’t image be not traveling with them.

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