Freemont Street, Vegas

We had a blast hanging out on Freemont Street in Las Vegas with a few of our traveling friends.

We parked at Llama lot, a paid parking lot, only a block from Container park. Easy access and only $5. Google it!

Container Park was lots of fun for kids and the grown ups. There were shops and bars but we struggled to find appetizers to share. You can drop your kids off and shop or just sit, relax and enjoy a drink. The play area for the kids is gated and monitored by an adult. The kids had a great time climbing and sliding and building forts with the foam blocks. The playground was under construction so some of the slides were closed. That was a bummer for the bigger kids. Make sure to check out the praying mantis throwing flames after dark.


Once we wore out the kids we headed out for a bite to eat. All 22 of us! After a short search in Google and Yelp, we all agreed on Nacho Daddy. They welcomed big groups and the reviews were great!

The food turned out to be delicious, the service was really good and if you check in on Yelp you get a free house margarita!
After dinner and lots of fun conversation, we needed to walk off our dinner on Freemont Street. We all brought our kids, from toddlers to teens. We stayed downtown from 8:30 to 10:30. We had heard that kids weren’t allowed after 9 but there were neither signs nor announcements about age restrictions the night we were there. Perhaps there are special nights when the under 21 crowd is not welcomed.

Freemont Street is rich in Vegas history that’s evident by the architecture and old neon signs. There is also quite a bit of music video and film history from Freemont Street so make sure to Google it before you go.

What to really expect – nudity (both male and female – girls in bikini bottoms and pasties and boys in speedos or banana hammocks), odd characters (grown men in diapers, a man dressed as a rabbit holding a “Fuck you” sign, Cupid at age 65 in a speedo), dress up characters from Elvis to mini Mr. T, zip liners above your head all evening, a hula hoop act on stage, spray paint artists, lots of drunk people, a light and music show every hour after dusk and more.

We had heard that Freemont Street wasn’t kid friendly but none of the kids were bothered by anything they experienced. In fact, everyone had a great time. If you aren’t easily offended by nudity and a little craziness then it’s a fun place to be in the evening.

It was loud and smoky. There was loud music from the light show and music from the live bands and DJs. After all, you’re in Vegas.

Overall we had a great time! We never felt unsafe, people were generally nice and there was so much activity. We are already planning a return trip!

P.S. – Steve created a compilation video from our visit…I’ve added it here for your viewing pleasure!


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