Digging for Diamonds

We just left the crater of diamonds state park in Arkansas and it was awesome. The state park is a dormant volcano that collapsed on itself and formed a crater where the top of it used to be. All of the diamonds trapped in the volcano we pushed to the top, letting us come find them. You can keep whatever you find there and there is more than just diamonds. The diamonds come in three colors there:  yellow, white, and brown. Continue reading “Digging for Diamonds”

The Grand Canyon

We recently went to the Grand Canyon and plan to go again at the end of the month to see the sky rim. You see the pictures of the Canyon and think that is amazing, right?? That’s nothing. If you ever see the Canyon or have seen it in person, you will know what I’m talking about. The Canyon looks almost fake, and looking down made me dizzy. The average length across is 10 miles, and the depth’s average is roughly 1 mile. It looks like someone put up a billboard-dome thing.

Continue reading “The Grand Canyon”