Pros and Cons of Living in the Desert of Middle-Of-Nowhere, California

After living in the desert for 6 weeks I’m pretty sure that qualifies me for doing a pros and cons list. Also, I can assure you, this was the middle of nowhere. Thirty minutes to the closest grocery, burro crossing signs, and a boulder painted to look like an alien about five minutes away from the campground.

The flowers are pretty. We are currently in superbloom season and the flowers have started to bloom. My personal favorite is the poppy. I think it is a California poppy. I may be wrong.

Death Valley

Death Valley

When you go to Death Valley, you expect it to be hot. Really hot. 132 degrees Fahrenheit. What you don’t expect is a reasonable temperature and really pretty pictures.

What you do expect that’s here, is tourism and literally nothing else. The only hotel that took dogs we could find was a Motel 6, where we had to stay overnight. It was certainly not good, but it wasn’t the worst thing ever. We then drove around death valley all day, attempting to see as many popular things as possible. We saw the lowest point, salt rocks area, the artists’ palette, and some other things.

My dad and I went out to Badwater Basin, which is the lowest point in North America. We didn’t realize that the lowest point was actually just a few feet from the parking lot, and instead walked probably a mile to what we thought was the lowest point. It was so windy that someone’s hat flew off their head and I ran probably half a mile to go get it. There was a sign above the parking lot that was probably 275-300 feet up and it said “SEA LEVEL “. That was probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Imagine seeing a sign that says sea level, but its 300 feet above you.

The Artists’ Palette was simply incredible. There were greens and blues and purples and pinks and yellows and oranges… Basically, any color you can imagine was there. There was a 1 lane road that you could drive, and there were no other options. If you wanted to go back, you had to use another road. If you go to Death Valley, make sure you go here.

If you manage to make your way to death valley, those are some have-to-dos. The Badwater Basin is now completely submerged in water. Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for today so I’ll se you next time!

Moving back to Orlando

Well, the time has come. Back to Orlando we go. My dad’s office is there, my sister’s best friend lives there, Disney, and of course their zoo. There are so many monkeys at this zoo!

It all started when I saw a really sad monkey ad, and when I saw this monkey I knew I had to have him. We moved back into the house about a week ago, and we’ve now bought a monkey cage, water and food bowls, and climbing ropes. Here’s a picture of this adorable monkey.

I’m now taking an online lesson about how to train, adopt, and take care of monkeys. This is probably the most important thing I’ve ever done.

So, goodbye to everyone. I am now one with this monkey. I guess I’ll see you in the next post, maybe.

Look at the day this was uploaded. Comment if I got you!

All of the Animals We Have Had in the Camper

Because I did a post about the animals that we had in the house, I guess I have to do one about the animals that we have had in the camper. These are all of the animals that we have had since moving into the camper. This includes the animals we brought with us when we moved in. Here are the animals!

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A Fun time in Sioux Falls

While we were in Sioux Falls, SD, we were at a Yogi Bear Jellystone. If you don’t know what that is, check this out. So these parks are very high quality and usually are the best we go to. This one does not differ. It has a HUGE pool, a jump pillow, big parks, decent sites, a corn maze, and, best for last, a place to get slushies. No joke. It’s 9 dollars to buy a cup and your first fill, then every refill is 2 dollars. Expensive, but worth it. They have cherry flavor,  blue raspberry, and lemonade. I like the cherry the best but Stephanie likes the lemonade.

I liked Sioux Falls, but I think we’ve been to much better places. The people weren’t very nice, if you said “Hi!” they would just stare at you, frowning. In the grocery, no one said excuse me, or even looked at me. At least everything else was decent. Stephanie and i spent most of our time here going to the bounce pillow. It was possibly the best part of this whole campground. It was really fun because it was a little more deflated then usual, so I could sit near the edge of it and Stephanie would jump on the other side, sending me 1-4 feet in the air. That was incredible. At one point there were so many people on it I thought it was going to pop or something. At that point I couldn’t even sit down.

There was also a corn maze where you had to find a total of 8 clues. The odd numbered clues had points on the map they gave you so you could know what general direction you had to go. The even numbered ones you had to find by yourself. We went boys versus girls. US (the boys) missed only one question and the girls missed 2. Here’s a birds’ eye view of the corn maze:


Another cool thing about Sioux Falls was EROS. if you’re thinking, “Isn’t that an asteroid near mars?” It is, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about this. This EROS is a government agency for collecting data on things such as wildfires, or some kind of beetle that I can’t remember, all using a satellite called Landsat. Landsat was made my EROS and NASA and you can view live footage from it here. I really like this page, and as I’m typing this, Landsat 7 is going over London. Kinda cool. They also have a really big computer room, which sends more output to the internet than Google does. They also store more data in their room than Google, Microsoft, and Apple combined. INSANE!!

That’s all I have for today, see ya next time and bye!

Madison, WI

Madison, WI was both good and bad. Lets start with what was good.

The capitol building was pretty good. Even though it was built in the same style as pretty much every other capitol building, it was really cool to go through and had some unique features. There were fossils in the walls some places in it, little (but not little) beaver chipmunk things scattered around the city, some of which were in the capitol. It is also the only capitol to be built on an isthmus. An isthmus is a piece of land between two bodies of water.

So now let’s move on to what was bad.

The smell. The smell there was so bad, it always smelled like this:

I’m not joking. Well, maybe I am. No I’m not, what am I talking about? It was literally that bad.

The people on the streets. Honostly, there were so many people on the sidewalks, I don’t know how they all lived there. It was INSANE!

Anyways, that’s all for today, so I’ll see you next time and bye!

My 11th Birthday

My 11th birthday was epic!! Here is what happened during my birthday week!

We saw Antman and the Wasp on my birthday. It was pretty good movie and I rate it 9.3/10.

MY PRESENTS! First, saving the best for last, I got nerf guns from my sister and a card saying if I win a nerf gun war, she will buy me a new gun. Next, I got a remote controlled car. I haven’t played with it much yet but it’s pretty cool.

This next present is the best one! It’s  a new keyboard called the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2. This one is the best I’ve ever had. It’s so good simply because of the lighting on it. Look at that picture and see the lights. Every time I type, the lights under the keys turn on and off to look like a ripple. This ripple goes away from the key I just typed and in whatever color I would like. I have it set to green. Overall, this keyboard is quite good. I rate it 9.7/10.

Moving on to some other things we did, the Great Lakes Aquarium. The fish were cool, and very cute, but the otters were my favorite.

See? Isn’t this one cute? That’s why I like this place so much.

We also went down to the riverfront, and saw a boat go under the lift bridge. It was so loud that it actually scared me.

We also went to the OMC (Oink Moo Cluck) and got grape cool-aid to drink and really good food. The service was also great.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Have a good day, and bye.


The Great Lakes Aquarium

We don’t go to aquariums very often, but I’m glad we went to this one.

There were three touch pools at the aquarium. The first one had several horseshoe crabs and two bamboo sharks. The horseshoe crabs felt almost soft, almost like they had a thin piece of felt on their backs. The bamboo sharks felt kind of like a mix between a snake and a normal fish, which is slimy and slippery.

The second touch tank had moon jellyfish and two types of anemone and starfish. I worked up the courage to touch the jellyfish but not the anemone, as they were supposed to latch onto your hand. I didn’t want to be touched back. No thank you! Because the jellyfish are mostly water and they rely mostly on the current to move, they just went down when you touched them. It felt sort of like gently pushing a very thick plastic bag underwater. At the exit of this touch tank there was a tiny albino turtle. It was so cute!!

The third touch tank was the coolest. Literally and figuratively. The water temperature was 62 degrees, and held sturgeon. There were several different types of sturgeon. Some were small, a few had a diamond pattern on their backs and there was one huge one that was all black. The first one I felt was very slippery and fleshy. Most of the fish were like that. The one with the diamond pattern was very bony, but still slick. The black one was sand papery. I didn’t like him much.

There was a section on the bottom floor that had three large tanks and two small ones. The small ones held different types of small fish like tetras and other types of fish like the ones in stores. The first large one had lots of larger fish, like oscars. My father said he had an Oscar years ago and had to give it away when he moved. He said he used to feed it live lizards from outside. The second big tank had ten or so piranhas. They are smaller than I thought they would be and very pretty. My favorite one was all black, with gold specks all along his sides. He was sitting under the water jet enjoying the massage. The last one held an electric eel. There were speakers and Christmas lights that randomly turned on and off as if he was charging it. He was not actually charging it, but that would be cool!

The aquarium had a large otter tank on the bottom floor. I love otters! I could watch them play all day long. There were two sides of the cage, separated by what is supposed to look like a cliff with a waterfall so that the otters can keep playing and not be watched. A man came out from behind the enclosure and put little pieces of fish all over the ground to encourage the otters to keep playing on our side of the cage. They had a little slide made out of a tube that was cut in half.

After the otters, there is a small tank with a bunch of seahorses in it. There were pot bellied seahorses and pipefish. I love seahorses almost as much as I love otters, so we sat there for a while. One of the little seahorses latched onto one of the pipefish and took a piggyback ride!

There is a huge tank right in the middle of the bottom floor filled with tons of different types of fish. They had big sturgeons and smaller fish that I don’t know the name of. One of the fish was sitting at a weird angle and looked like he was missing his top jaw. When we moved, we saw that his mouth was open and decided that the glass was just wonky.

My favorite part of the aquarium was either the otters or the sturgeon in the touch tank. I can’t decide between the two. We plan on going to the aquarium in Chicago, so i will write a post about that one and will be able to compare the two. That’s all I have for this post, so now it’s time for the #randomfactofthepost!

Using “fish” when talking about a fish or plural fish is correct, but using “fishes” is correct when talking about plural species of fish.