City Museum

We went to the City Museum in St. Louis. Ok I’m not trying to give spoilers but I’m just saying this thing ain’t no museum. It’s more like a huge indoor and outdoor playground that is FULL of slides, tunnels, ropes, and pretty much everything else you can imagine.

To give you a good picture in your head, imagine the most crazy place you have ever seen. Now multiply the craziness by 1000 and you still aren’t even close to how crazy it was.

Ok so let me explain, there are parks, then there are huge parks, then there are 4 story parks, then there are 10 story parks, THEN there are 16 story parks. The City Museum was a 16 story park.

On their website they say there are only 10 floors. But honestly there are 10 floors, then there’s the roof, which is so big it should count as three floors,  then there are three levels of basement. So I think it should be 16 floors. Oh yeah I forgot there is an outdoor section about 4 floors high, so I think 16 is an understatement.

So, I climbed in a  big tube that kind of looked like chicken wire, but really it was just a regular chicken wire tunnel with very thick wire. About five times, I went down that  tube and ran into someone else trying to come up the tube. It was very annoying, so finally I  just gave up trying to go down the tube and just went down the stairs.

We rode a Ferris wheel on the roof and went so high I thought  I was going to get struck by lightning (true story).  I also went on the ten story slide, that was so high I wanted to throw up.  Oh and on the roof  I climbed up a big wire (one-way) tube and slid back down the slide under the tube and saw everyone’s shoes.

There were so many other things that I would be sitting here all year trying to name them all. Like, are you kidding me? You want me to miss my 11th birthday cake to write down all these things? No way. Instead of me telling you all this stuff, how about you just go down there. Better yet, if you do send me a message so I have an excuse to go back there. “Hey mom! A person who read my blog post is going to the City Museum. Can I go there too!” Mom: “Ugh fine I’ll give you five  hours there!” me: “YAY! Thanks mom!”.

Yeah so I hope you enjoyed this (incredibly boring) blog post that was amazingly horrible to make and I wish you all good days.

Yeah well I’ve been writing this for a while now (1 and a half hours actually) so I think I’ll just end this right here. No, no  just kidding I’m ending it HERE.

See I’m still joking LOL. Yeah I’m ending it Here.

P.S. Bye



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