Cargo Ships

We  are currently staying on Tybee Island in Georgia. There are huge cargo ships that come near the beach about every 1 and a half hours. I’ve heard the covered ones can hold THOUSANDS of cars. yes, THOUSANDS!

They come so close to the shore sometimes, I think they are going to go STRAIGHT into the jetty (a jetty is basically a big pile of rocks that I don’t know why is there but it traps shells so I’m fine with it!)


They also have really loud fog horns, so when there is fog on the beach, they can blow them so that other cargo ships can know where they are. They are so loud, and such deep pitch, it sounds kind of like a cow going “MOOOOOOO!!” but amplified like 1000 times louder. It’s CRAZY!

They also have Harbor Masters that come out and drive the ships while they are at the coast, because they know pretty much every little pebble in that part of the ocean. It’s quite crazy.

So, if you like huge beaches that go 2 miles from the ocean to a river, come to Tybee Island near Savannah Georgia. I forgot, there’s a huge 2 mile walk from the ocean to the river. Did I mention there’s a 2 mile walk from the ocean to the river? Oh yeah I have 3 times now. Sorry. Anyway, see you all in my next post, and bye!

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