A Fun time in Sioux Falls

While we were in Sioux Falls, SD, we were at a Yogi Bear Jellystone. If you don’t know what that is, check this out. So these parks are very high quality and usually are the best we go to. This one does not differ. It has a HUGE pool, a jump pillow, big parks, decent sites, a corn maze, and, best for last, a place to get slushies. No joke. It’s 9 dollars to buy a cup and your first fill, then every refill is 2 dollars. Expensive, but worth it. They have cherry flavor,  blue raspberry, and lemonade. I like the cherry the best but Stephanie likes the lemonade.

I liked Sioux Falls, but I think we’ve been to much better places. The people weren’t very nice, if you said “Hi!” they would just stare at you, frowning. In the grocery, no one said excuse me, or even looked at me. At least everything else was decent. Stephanie and i spent most of our time here going to the bounce pillow. It was possibly the best part of this whole campground. It was really fun because it was a little more deflated then usual, so I could sit near the edge of it and Stephanie would jump on the other side, sending me 1-4 feet in the air. That was incredible. At one point there were so many people on it I thought it was going to pop or something. At that point I couldn’t even sit down.

There was also a corn maze where you had to find a total of 8 clues. The odd numbered clues had points on the map they gave you so you could know what general direction you had to go. The even numbered ones you had to find by yourself. We went boys versus girls. US (the boys) missed only one question and the girls missed 2. Here’s a birds’ eye view of the corn maze:


Another cool thing about Sioux Falls was EROS. if you’re thinking, “Isn’t that an asteroid near mars?” It is, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about this. This EROS is a government agency for collecting data on things such as wildfires, or some kind of beetle that I can’t remember, all using a satellite called Landsat. Landsat was made my EROS and NASA and you can view live footage from it here. I really like this page, and as I’m typing this, Landsat 7 is going over London. Kinda cool. They also have a really big computer room, which sends more output to the internet than Google does. They also store more data in their room than Google, Microsoft, and Apple combined. INSANE!!

That’s all I have for today, see ya next time and bye!

Madison, WI

Madison, WI was both good and bad. Lets start with what was good.

The capitol building was pretty good. Even though it was built in the same style as pretty much every other capitol building, it was really cool to go through and had some unique features. There were fossils in the walls some places in it, little (but not little) beaver chipmunk things scattered around the city, some of which were in the capitol. It is also the only capitol to be built on an isthmus. An isthmus is a piece of land between two bodies of water.

So now let’s move on to what was bad.

The smell. The smell there was so bad, it always smelled like this:

I’m not joking. Well, maybe I am. No I’m not, what am I talking about? It was literally that bad.

The people on the streets. Honostly, there were so many people on the sidewalks, I don’t know how they all lived there. It was INSANE!

Anyways, that’s all for today, so I’ll see you next time and bye!

My 11th Birthday

My 11th birthday was epic!! Here is what happened during my birthday week!

We saw Antman and the Wasp on my birthday. It was pretty good movie and I rate it 9.3/10.

MY PRESENTS! First, saving the best for last, I got nerf guns from my sister and a card saying if I win a nerf gun war, she will buy me a new gun. Next, I got a remote controlled car. I haven’t played with it much yet but it’s pretty cool.

This next present is the best one! It’s  a new keyboard called the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2. This one is the best I’ve ever had. It’s so good simply because of the lighting on it. Look at that picture and see the lights. Every time I type, the lights under the keys turn on and off to look like a ripple. This ripple goes away from the key I just typed and in whatever color I would like. I have it set to green. Overall, this keyboard is quite good. I rate it 9.7/10.

Moving on to some other things we did, the Great Lakes Aquarium. The fish were cool, and very cute, but the otters were my favorite.

See? Isn’t this one cute? That’s why I like this place so much.

We also went down to the riverfront, and saw a boat go under the lift bridge. It was so loud that it actually scared me.

We also went to the OMC (Oink Moo Cluck) and got grape cool-aid to drink and really good food. The service was also great.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Have a good day, and bye.


The Candy Factory

When we were in Sioux City, Iowa we went to a Palmers candy store and well… bought a lot of candy. I really don’t know how much, but I might be on a sugar rush for a while. I think we bought jelly beans, cookie dough covered in chocolate, rock candy, and much more.

Here’s a picture of Palmers:

candy store

The rock candy is REALLY good, and it’s not just sugar. Okay, one of the flavors is, but the rest are strawberry, blue raspberry, cotton candy and more. The cookie dough is also good, but I don’t think anything can beat that rock candy. Okay, the jelly beans might but whatever.

I have to dedicate an entire paragraph JUST to these jelly beans. If you can find candy better than them (other than rock candy), I want a picture. Just comment down below if you do have something better. They’re Jelly Belly berry blue jelly beans (I know, a lot of adjectives) but there’s something different about them. It’s so good I might have to eat this entire bag after I publish this….

I highly recommend Palmers for anyone who is reading this post and likes candy. It s’s one of the best candy stores I’ve ever been to.

Anyways, that’s all for today, and I hope you enjoyed this. Have a great day, and bye!

Top 5 Attractions in the U.S. (That We’ve Been)

Okay, here are the top 5 attractions (theme parks, that kind of stuff) that we’ve been to in the U.S. The reason Disney isn’t on the top here is because we grew up going there ALL THE TIME and we got kind of bored of it.

  1. Legoland. The roller coasters are AWESOME!
  2. Universal. Once again, it’s just those roller coasters. I can’t live without them.
  3. City Museum. Okay, there’s just too much to talk about this place. You’re going to have to go here for this one.
  4. Tybee Island Beach. Once again, too much to talk about. go here, here, and here to find out more about Tybee.
  5. Disney. Theres tons here, but I’ve seen it a lot, so it’s #5 on my list.

Okay, that’s all for today, but before I go I want to tell you that I may be doing a blog post for every state that we’ve been and the highlights of that state. Alright, now I’m done. Bye!

Sorry for no posts recently!

Hello, I just wanted to apologize for very few posts recently! We are currently pretty busy, and in April I will have my friends near us. So during April, expect not as many posts as usual! However, after that there will be the usual 2 posts per week! One about a thing I have been working on for about a year you will be able to see soon! (I would spoil it but I cant because it will make the post I have been working in for a while not as much of a mystery!)