A Knock at the Door

Several times over the past few months we have had an unexpected knock at the door. Each time we were pleasantly surprised by friends bringing us Amish donuts, strangers who instantly felt like friends, and future fulltimers who heard our story from our children at the playground. We love meeting up with friends and making new ones. Really, we love to share our story. We also enjoy listening to your adventures.

So if you find yourself in the neighborhood, feel free to knock and say hi! Just not too early. ¬†We aren’t morning people.

Veterinary Care on the Road.

It’s 2017 and time for vaccines for the dogs. We spent a couple weeks at Thousand Trails Medina Lake where there are more deer than people. This also means yummy snacks (deer poop) left behind as treats for the pups. Disgusting? Absolutely! But it was a battle that we didn’t win. I needed a refill for worming meds for the dogs…just in case! This required an annual vet visit.

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Fulltime Families Rally

I have to be honest. I was reluctant to attend a rally. See, I’m an extreme introvert. I enjoy my time alone. The company of too many people makes me very uncomfortable. The thought of having to socialize all day, every day for a few days in a row makes me very uncomfortable. In fact, I spent the month prior trying to figure out a way to NOT attend our first rally.

So what was the purpose in planning to attend such a gathering? For my kids, of course. I envisioned an environment with endless opportunities to make new friends and a place for them to play with peers who lived a similar lifestyle. Steve was also looking forward to the rally as he had connected through social media with others over the past few months.
What happened at the rally? Awesomeness! Seriously! There were so many friendly people. We arrived in Tampa early. This allowed for smaller pre-rally gatherings which weren’t as overwhelming.

I have heard others refer to their first rally as a game changer for their family. While our first rally wasn’t a game changer, it will cause us to alter our travel plans in the future. We have made connections with other families that we will always cherish. We hope to attend more events in the future. 
I am thankful for the friendships we have made and the support we continue to receive from other Full Time families. I feel so fortunate to be part of this group! 

Disney 5K

I did it! I finished my first 5K.

My mom and dad met us in Kissimmee a couple days before the race. We stayed on the same campground and were able to spend some time together relaxing before an early race start.
Awake at 3:00 and out the door by 3:30, we made it to Epcot by 4am. We spent about an hour, taking pictures, dancing and singing with the Disney DJ before making our way to the corrals. At 6 am the race started. 

The cold morning air was a bit tough for Aaron’s asthma so we slowed our pace. We weren’t too slow though as Steve and Stephanie stayed behind us for most of the time.

While we didn’t stop to take pictures, we had a blast! I think we all realized how much we missed Disney! 

Our journey continues

I can’t believe it’s almost over. We planned to travel south along the Mississippi River and now, as we make our way along the Florida panhandle towards Orlando, our original plans have come to an end. I want to start over. I want to make some changes. I want to slow down and enjoy more. There are some cities I want to see again. There is so much we missed! 

We decided early into this journey that we had no intentions of moving back into our house in Orlando. And so the journey continues. 
Here’s to many more amazing memories with this beautiful family of mine!

Travel quotes

My kids make me laugh. Now that I think about it, my whole family makes me laugh. A lot! And when the rest of them aren’t saying something funny, they make fun of me. So I decided to keep track of some of the funny things they (we) say.  I’ll probably update this post periodically.

Who farted? Ugh…it was the dog. And she did it in her sleep. -Stephanie

We’ve been driving all day and only moved one state. -Aaron

No more jack-assery in the back seat! -Mom
A neighbor stopped to chat with Steve and asked, “So you brought the grandkids with you?”

Is that an Oscar winer wiener mobile? -Aaron
This conversation went from frostbite on your balls to chin hairs.  -Aaron

You are a master at being something you are trying not to be.  -Karen
They have signs for snowmobile crossings – that’s a problem. -Steve

There is Lake -chigan. That’s why it smells like a toilet bowl here. -Aaron
My butt feels like frozen hamburgers. -Stephanie

Aaron, please finish your dinner. You only have three pieces of chicken left. I don’t have anything to do with three pieces of chicken.  Mom, do you have anything to do with two pieces? -dinner conversation