All of the Animals We Have Had in the Camper

Because I did a post about the animals that we had in the house, I guess I have to do one about the animals that we have had in the camper. These are all of the animals that we have had since moving into the camper. This includes the animals we brought with us when we moved in. Here are the animals!

Molly came with us when we moved into the camper. She was born in late 2009 and we adopted her in January of 2010. When we moved into the camper she was almost 6. She is 9 now. She was an awful puppy. She used to nip at my mother’s pants, trying to herd her I guess. We eventually had to take her to a trainer named Scott Cole. I don’t know what he did, but she came back as a new dog. She sleeps all day, hates taking baths, hides from groups of people, doesn’t like to have her nails clipped, and wants to be pet by every stranger she comes across. Right now, we are in Florence, Oregon and it only gets to about 50° . She hates the cold. She only wants to go outside if she has to go to the bathroom. In warm places, she likes to lay in the sun like a reptile. She seems to be a happy dog. She wags her tail when people talk to her. And when the don’t talk to her. Molly is just a big baby.

Violet is a very stubborn Parsons Russell terrier. A Parsons Russell is basically the same as a Jack Russell, but with longer legs. She is always moving, loves to be under blankets, and eats more fruits and vegetables than any other dog I have ever seen. She likes apples, pears, peas, cucumbers, and carrots. She will only eat the carrots if they are in tiny bites. She likes to hunt small animals. Birds, squirrels, hamsters, chickens, chipmunks, her toys, feet with socks on them, and anything that moves are not safe when she is around. When we lived in the house, we had chickens. They stayed in a fenced in part of the yard, but one of them could fly. Her name was Blue, she was about the size of a pigeon and was the only one that could eat the grass in our yard. Occasionally, we didn’t check to make sure Blue wasn’t out before we let Violet out and Violet would catch her. Blue never got hurt, just scared. Thankfully.

Snapper is our second Betta fish. He is very strange. He acts like he is sick all the time. Sometimes he will not eat. Other times we think he is dead because he sits on the bottom of his tank and won’t move. We think he is blind in one eye. We have had him since mid January of 2018. So he is about a year old. Pardon the bad picture.

Oatmeal was the first hamster that we had in the camper. She was an angel. Almost immediately after we got her, she was very comfortable being around me and Aaron. If you laid down on your back and put Oatmeal on your chest and covered her with your hands, she would fall asleep. One time, she fell asleep on my chest and rolled over onto her back. It was the most adorable things I have ever seen. Later in her life, she would crawl up your chest and sleep under your chin. After about a year with her, she developed oral cancer and we had to put her down.

I swear Snowball came back to life. Snowball is a hamster that we had in the house. She was very cute, but she was also mean and murderous. Cookie was just as bad. And just as cute. She was much bigger though. She bit a lot, hated to be picked up and stared suspiciously at you from her house. She was a pet that only comes out of the cage when the cage is being cleaned. She died in her sleep. There were no tears shed.

Nugget is the third male hamster I have ever had. He is also the first long haired hamster I have had. He is very messy when it comes to getting stuff in his hair. Occasionally, we have to cut out dreadlocks of hair and bedding. If you leave him in his cage for several days, he comes out with a 3-4 minute cleaning job. No matter how much bedding you get off of him, there is more. I have tried to give him a dust bath before, but he hated it. He walked into the dust, dragged his hairy butt through the dust and left. He got dust all over our rug before we noticed. He is a good boy though. He is not too skittish, but does not relax around people. He will eat from your hand and will not bite.

 That is all of the animals we have had in the camper. I don’t really know what else to say so I’m just going to do the #randomfactofthepost now
There are five types of bones in the human body. They are long, short, flat, irregular and sesamoid. A sesamoid bone is one that is not dependent on other bones. They are mostly the ones in your hands, feet and kneecaps.

The Great Lakes Aquarium

We don’t go to aquariums very often, but I’m glad we went to this one.

There were three touch pools at the aquarium. The first one had several horseshoe crabs and two bamboo sharks. The horseshoe crabs felt almost soft, almost like they had a thin piece of felt on their backs. The bamboo sharks felt kind of like a mix between a snake and a normal fish, which is slimy and slippery.

The second touch tank had moon jellyfish and two types of anemone and starfish. I worked up the courage to touch the jellyfish but not the anemone, as they were supposed to latch onto your hand. I didn’t want to be touched back. No thank you! Because the jellyfish are mostly water and they rely mostly on the current to move, they just went down when you touched them. It felt sort of like gently pushing a very thick plastic bag underwater. At the exit of this touch tank there was a tiny albino turtle. It was so cute!!

The third touch tank was the coolest. Literally and figuratively. The water temperature was 62 degrees, and held sturgeon. There were several different types of sturgeon. Some were small, a few had a diamond pattern on their backs and there was one huge one that was all black. The first one I felt was very slippery and fleshy. Most of the fish were like that. The one with the diamond pattern was very bony, but still slick. The black one was sand papery. I didn’t like him much.

There was a section on the bottom floor that had three large tanks and two small ones. The small ones held different types of small fish like tetras and other types of fish like the ones in stores. The first large one had lots of larger fish, like oscars. My father said he had an Oscar years ago and had to give it away when he moved. He said he used to feed it live lizards from outside. The second big tank had ten or so piranhas. They are smaller than I thought they would be and very pretty. My favorite one was all black, with gold specks all along his sides. He was sitting under the water jet enjoying the massage. The last one held an electric eel. There were speakers and Christmas lights that randomly turned on and off as if he was charging it. He was not actually charging it, but that would be cool!

The aquarium had a large otter tank on the bottom floor. I love otters! I could watch them play all day long. There were two sides of the cage, separated by what is supposed to look like a cliff with a waterfall so that the otters can keep playing and not be watched. A man came out from behind the enclosure and put little pieces of fish all over the ground to encourage the otters to keep playing on our side of the cage. They had a little slide made out of a tube that was cut in half.

After the otters, there is a small tank with a bunch of seahorses in it. There were pot bellied seahorses and pipefish. I love seahorses almost as much as I love otters, so we sat there for a while. One of the little seahorses latched onto one of the pipefish and took a piggyback ride!

There is a huge tank right in the middle of the bottom floor filled with tons of different types of fish. They had big sturgeons and smaller fish that I don’t know the name of. One of the fish was sitting at a weird angle and looked like he was missing his top jaw. When we moved, we saw that his mouth was open and decided that the glass was just wonky.

My favorite part of the aquarium was either the otters or the sturgeon in the touch tank. I can’t decide between the two. We plan on going to the aquarium in Chicago, so i will write a post about that one and will be able to compare the two. That’s all I have for this post, so now it’s time for the #randomfactofthepost!

Using “fish” when talking about a fish or plural fish is correct, but using “fishes” is correct when talking about plural species of fish.

Digging for Diamonds

We just left the crater of diamonds state park in Arkansas and it was awesome. The state park is a dormant volcano that collapsed on itself and formed a crater where the top of it used to be. All of the diamonds trapped in the volcano we pushed to the top, letting us come find them. You can keep whatever you find there and there is more than just diamonds. The diamonds come in three colors there:  yellow, white, and brown. Continue reading “Digging for Diamonds”

The Grand Canyon

We recently went to the Grand Canyon and plan to go again at the end of the month to see the sky rim. You see the pictures of the Canyon and think that is amazing, right?? That’s nothing. If you ever see the Canyon or have seen it in person, you will know what I’m talking about. The Canyon looks almost fake, and looking down made me dizzy. The average length across is 10 miles, and the depth’s average is roughly 1 mile. It looks like someone put up a billboard-dome thing.

Continue reading “The Grand Canyon”