Not all spuds in Idaho…

Shoshone Falls

Next stop on our journey was another unknown…Idaho…  The only thing I knew about Idaho is that they are famous for Potatoes.  While that was true (along with being a huge provider of other produce as well as dairy) we discovered just how beautiful and understated the state is.  Keep in mind that we only really visited the Twin Falls area, but some locals told us that the terrain is very similar across all of southern Idaho, which is officially classified as high desert (I had assumed it would be mountainous…shows what I know). Continue reading “Not all spuds in Idaho…”

Twice as nice in Bryce

We had originally intended to stay close to the interstate in St George on the way up to Salt Lake City,  but we couldn’t find any parks with availability for the entire time we needed.   After much searching, we finally found a spot near Red Canyon, Utah.  We set up camp for the couple weeks surrounding Memorial Day and really took advantage of the setting out in the neighborhood of Bryce Canyon National Park. Continue reading “Twice as nice in Bryce”

Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains

Yesterday we had a chance to scratch something off my list.  A few months ago I ran across an article about art installations in nature that you shouldn’t miss.  Seven Magic Mountains was on that list and I knew we would be in the area so I added it to my todo list.  It has all the basic requirements of a ‘must do’.  It’s grand in scale, It’s available for a limited time (it will only be up for 2 years) and its FREE!   😉   Continue reading “Seven Magic Mountains”